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Audit and assurance services

Tailored service

We work along side quality registered auditors to provide a bespoke service centring on the unique challenges and risk factors within your organisation.

Efficient, timely and accurate

You can rest assured of best value for money with a paperless system, driving efficiency and keeping the price competitive.

Proactive advice

We identify potential improvements with clear recommendations and practical steps to take your organisation forward to future growth.

Farley Kaye FCA
Managing Partner

For more information please contact Farley:

icon margin-right: 10px;-envelopefarley.kaye@fkgb.co.uk
icon-phone+44 (0) 207 993 8346
icon-phone+972 (0) 52 627 7472


Accountant report

This standard report gives assurance that your accounts have been prepared by a professional external team, presenting your finances in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Assurance review

One step removed from a full audit, this voluntary exercise is useful if you, your investors or an external body are looking for assurance of the quality of your accounts. It is less resource-hungry than an audit and will provide some insight into your organisation’s financial credibility.

An assurance review will include:

  • Consultation with management about the accounting treatment of key items
  • Detailed analysis of the results and balance sheet
  • Review of the appropriateness of accounting policies and their application

Voluntary audits

You may consider a voluntary audit in the following circumstances:

  • Your current or potential lender (such as banks and other financial institutions) require an audit under the terms of their loans or facilities
  • Outside shareholders not involved in the running of the business require independent verification on the company’s accounts
  • The business or its shares are being prepared for sale
  • The management structure of your organisation are looking to ensure the financial health of the overall business or specific areas.

Statutory audits

You may be required to carry out a statutory audit in the following circumstances:

  • As a limited company, you are required to carry out an audit under the Companies Act or their Articles of Association
  • You are a UK subsidiary of foreign-owned holding companies.
  • Your regulatory body requires an audit as part of your professional practice (e.g. solicitors, charities, financial services, insurance brokers, travel services etc.).

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